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Allow us to introduce ourselves – We are Sarah and Jason Aldous, and have been living in Bishopstone for over 12 years now, at the Chestnuts, directly opposite the Harrow pub. In March 2014, we completed on the purchase of the Harrow Pub. It became clear to us that the site was going to be bought by developers, resulting in a high density development. We decided it would be better if someone with an interest in retaining the village's charm and character were in control of the Pub's immediate future.


Rescuing the pub and bringing it back to life will require a substantial investment to make it a viable business. There will need to be an extension to accommodate a more comprehensive eating area, and major refurbishment inside and out as it is in a terrible state due to years of neglect. A small enabling development to the rear will be needed in order to finance the refurbishment and to provide sufficient spare capital to get the pub off the ground.


Draft plans for the Harrow renovation and the houses that need to be built have now been prepared. We will be holding a presentation in the village hall on Monday 8th December, between 6pm and 9:30pm, to share these proposals and to get your feedback on this exciting project. Invites to this will be distributed to village residents soon. Your feedback and support is very important in achieving the best possible outcome for this treasured village asset.


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